poniedziałek, 24 października 2016


In last Thursday I have pleasure to take part in Warwaw .NET User Group and hear about new logging tool named "RevDeBug".

RevDeBug is a .net tool, that can be joined to any .net solution at compile time and after compiled into .net solution it collect information about call stack. It's not "error call stack" that we know from standard exception stacktrace. It collects any information, about how code was executed so we can watch how aplication works line by line like we usually do it in debuger. But this time, this code is from production/uat/whatever server.

For me it is quite interesting tool. Maybe I will use it in future in production when I find some very tricky error. 

- logs can be really huge, in example 1GB of logs can be taken in 15-20 minutes (or maybe even less)
- performance - every logging tool working live on production lowers performance of our application

https://www.revdebug.com/ -> project web site

Session about RevDeBug in English (from .net Leipzig Meetup)

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