sobota, 13 sierpnia 2016

Weekly JavaScript Challenge

This note is to promote some great event that I have found in internet.

Michał Miszczyszyn is one of polish javascript community leader and he starts new weekly javascript chalange. It works, that Michał ones a week create new javascript task, and any competitor can join and try to solve that task. After that time (about one week) Michał takes responses and makes code review.
When he finish code reviews he put task review on his blog.

What a great oportunity for learning new language with code review. Seems great. What you think about it?

I think, that I try to solve some challenges in my free time, but not guarantee that they where will appear regular.

Michał blog:
Michał blog posts about chalange:
facebook group where we can find news about new challenge:
First task event:
My solutions on github:
My solution for task 1 in jsFindle:

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